Thursday, December 30, 2010

Song - Christmas Time

Since it's Christmas, I decided to share with all of you a small song titled 'Christmas Time' which I had written when I was in class 4. Moreover I had also made a tune for the song at that time (The tune resembles the music of Adam's Family, wasn't aware of 'plagiarism' then :P). I still have the book preserved with me from which I have clicked the image and uploaded it. Also I have sung this song for all of you and shared the video. Do check it out!


Wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! :)

PS: Please excuse the grammatical error in the song. Had written 'Santa came and go' on purpose so that 'go' rhymes with 'snow'....hehe :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank you doston Part 2..! :)

After the sooper-dooper-surprise stint by my engineering friends, it was time for my management friends to join in the party. I had called them up for dinner but had asked them to come as early by 3 pm. But as expected they started dropping in by 4:30 and by 5:30, the house was jam-packed. I introduced them to my parents. Then started the photo session. The girls graced the occasion by their presence & made every click of the camera worth it but as usual I unintentionally ruined every photograph that was clicked. So for most of the time I chose to remain behind the camera. Then we played Mafia and so highly intensive, vehement & energetic was the game that I, along with my friends could have been easily kicked out of the society. Fortunately we were not. Phew!

After 4 to 5 grueling rounds of Mafia, finally I cut the cake (my friends had brought it along) which bored a certain Goga's name instead of mine. Nevertheless, I was least bothered about the name since I eagerly wanted to have a piece of the cake down my throat. In my quest to quench my thirst for the chocolaty cake, I had forgotten that there were 12 more pairs of covetous eyes ogling at the cake. No sooner did I cut the cake, the chocolate icing was transferred to right back on my face and in my ears (I am still in hunt for the person who had filled my ears with the icing. He fortunately even escaped my candid camera. :X But believe me or not, someday, I am definitely going to find out that punk and fill his ears with the icing using an injection on his b'day). And while I washed my face and came back, not only the current cake had become a bygone but the leftover previous cake (which my engineering friends had brought) had also fallen prey to their cravings.

I sweared at them and then we had pav-bhaji for dinner which was prepared by my Mother. We ate, praised and again ate till we dropped. Somehow we even managed to swallow the rasgullas after the pav-bhaji feast. Everyone left at around 9 at night.

A great day it was! Probably the best birthday I had ever had. Thanks to Prachi, Afiya, Nipun, Puneet, Munjal, Stuti, Sehul, Mornee, Akash, Bhavesh, Jinay and Jinal for making it a special one! :)

In the end, all I can say is "Thank you Doston! :)"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thank you doston Part 1..! :)

"Ting Tong!" rang the door bell. I opened the door. There were 3 idiots standing in front of me with grin on their faces and with a chocolate cake in their hands with 4 candles lit upon it. I was like, "Abe, ye kahan se aa gaye iss waqt". I rubbed my eyes to confirm but they were still out there showing their teeth. I was surprised, big time! I looked at the wall clock! It had struck 12. It was exactly 12 in the midnight! They came in like good boys (because my parents were present), I cut the cake, they sang "Happy Birthday to you" for me, I gave them a piece of cake each, clicked photographs, then they barged into my room like warriors, clicked some more photographs, I immediately uploaded them on facebook, then we watched old pics, laughed like Raavans, they sweared at me since I had forgotten to inform them about my summer placement, lastly asked me to pay for the cake for which I bluntly refused by saying "bhaag jao yahan se" (hehehe...) and then they left the home at around 2:30 a.m. asking me to convince my parents to send me for the Goa trip.

Such an amazing gesture from my friends and such an amazing start to my birthday. They have already made my birthday so very special. Now I really need to convince my parents for the Goa trip. Thanks Vivek, Ankit, Apoorva & Shashi (he was conspicuous even by his absence). Rockstars you are!

Bola tha na doston ke saath sacch may mazza aata hai..! :)

PS: Thank you doston Part 2 still remains since my birthday has just commenced :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Boy and a Girl...

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you see a boy & a girl spending time together? Let me tell you, "In dono ka kuch toh chakkar chal raha hai!" Really can't comprehend upon any valid reasons for this thought but I think it's the human tendency to conclude that way.

I & my friend have been the sitting ducks of the same irritable human nature since quite a few days. Though we handle it with subtlety, it's not always possible for everyone to do so. People should understand the purity of a relationship that a boy & a girl can share between them. I do share an eternal relationship with her.

A relationship as pure as an innocent child's smile,
a relationship as strong as a lion's roar,
a relationship as beautiful as the rising sun,
a relationship from which I couldn't ask for anymore.

This relationship of ours has been given a beautiful name called 'Friendship'. So pure is our friendship that it really doesn't matter what others think or say. What matters us the most is what we think of each other as friends and above all what matters us the most is 'Our Friendship'.

I would like to end this post with another quatrain for her:

When I asked God to give me a friend,
From the heavens, He dropped a dew,
That dew fell on a seed in my garden,
Which emerged into a beautiful flower like You!