Friday, May 27, 2011

A Beautiful Me & A Beautiful You!

“O mighty Lord,
Why some people are rich,
And some are poor,
Some can’t even have their daily bread,
And some live in grandeur?”

“O dear child,
I created each one same,
But material wealth you pursue,
In every penny you use I dwell,
A Beautiful Me & a Beautiful You!”

“O mighty Lord,
Why sometimes we laugh,
And sometimes we cry,
Why every tear we drop,
Makes our eyes dry?”

“O dear child,
I make you smile with tears in your eyes,
Moment so beautiful, ain’t it true?
In every emotion you show I dwell,
A Beautiful Me & a Beautiful You!”

“O mighty Lord,
Why men are strong,
And women are weak,
Why boys feel obsessed
For the girls they seek?”

“O dear child,
Men do cry & women do fly,
I don’t discriminate she & you,
In every soul you seek I dwell,
A Beautiful Me & a Beautiful You!”

“O mighty Lord,
Once a beautiful day,
Other times a dreadful night,
Thorns all along the way,
Help me lord, how do I fight?”

“O dear child,
Keep your calm & face them strong,
I shall help you sail them through,
In every attempt you make I dwell,
A Beautiful me & a Beautiful You!”

“O mighty Lord,
Why some look ugly,
And some look beautiful,
Why some we ignore,
And toward others we just drool?”

“O dear child,
Real beauty lies in your eyes,
How you see makes what you do,
In every heart that beats I dwell,
A Beautiful Me & a Beautiful You!”

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother: An Ode

When I first opened my eyes,
I saw her beautiful face,
She took me in her arms,
And lifted me up with grace.

She planted a kiss on my forehead,
My cheeks, my eyes, my nose,
She never kept me apart,
Always held me so close.

She saved me from the rains & storms,
And never left me alone,
She always kept me safe & strong,
Made my sorrows her own.

She cleaned my nose & wiped my tears,
Even today she does the same,
Her loving touch allays my fears,
She makes her own, all my pains.

When I asked God who is She?
Why does she so much bother?
He said,”She is my alter ego, son”
“And she would be called, your Mother!”