Support for Keenan & Reuben..Do your bit, Just a bit !

Do your bit, Just a bit !!!
Here, without wasting any of your precious time, I would like to share some links. Please, do read them and do the needful.
I would just like to add that Keenan & Reuben died for a cause and we as the youngsters of shining India have to ensure that their families get justice and lay a solid foundation to secure our future.

The Story: Reality Bites

Join, Add and Spread. Do your bit, Just a Bit !

You already put up a badge when India won the World Cup. It's time to put up a badge for the real cause. Do your bit, Just a bit !

If some people can't respect women, WE need to make them respect women !!!
Sign the petition today for a better tomorrow.


  1. Please, give these criminals the hardest punishment.. Don’t hang them to death but give them something new.. Like Dog-bite inside the cell punishment and daily torture punishment through out life.. This will set-up an example to the society.. and those criminal minds out in the city, will fear.. then no one will ever dare to do this again..

  2. There should be really harsh punishment for such guys. Somehow i missed watching this news on TV, but did read something on net. Thanks for sharing Niket.



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