Tourism Ad: Himachal Pradesh

I have participated in a video ad-making competition conducted by SIBM, Bangalore with my friend Prachi Birla. (Team Crackpots)
For the ad we needed to pick up any Indian State and make a video to promote its tourism. We chose Himachal Pradesh and came up with the following video.
Dear fellow bloggers, if you genuinely like the video please go to the following link and LIKE it, since the number of LIKES is one of the criteria for judging the winner: Himachal Pradesh Tourism Ad

We, 'Team Crackpots' had also participated in a video ad-making competition 'Upside Down' organized by IIT Madras which we eventually won. :) You can watch the video in my previous post.


  1. Hello Niket! How had u been? Saw ur comment on my blog... good to hear from you. I had been keeping busy, so wasn't blogging much.

    Well, can't access the video from this connection, will c it and comment.



  2. Hi doing have you been?
    I have also been keeping busy off late due to studies and exams bhi hain sir pe abhi :X
    Do watch the video and also the one in my previous blog..bye :)

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