Joy of Giving? Do you really know, what it actually is?

Sometimes words are simply not enough to send across a message. This video would certainly touch your heart to the core and give you goosebumps. This is what I would call the 'Real Joy of Giving'.

Do watch this video dear blogger pals, do watch it!


  1. Hey Restless, am doing r u doing?

  2. Hey Niket, I posted a comment here??

    OOps, it seems i didn't get posted properly. OMG! I wrote a long comment. It was about the song in sign launguage na?

    I saw it from my home. showed it to my kids too. We were so so touched to see it. Thanks alot for sharing this Niket.

    And all this time, I was thinking i have posted the comment :(

    Anyways, Niket, pl c my blog. tc


  3. Restless, I think some sort of confusion prevails on your part. No issues. I will try to clear it out. :)
    The video in this post is that of 'Joy of Giving'.
    And the video of our National Anthem in sign language is in the next post on which you have commented. :)
    I know I haven't checked your blog since long. I miss it. But I will do it for sure, very soon. :)


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