Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just to update my Blog!

This is one of the ways to update your blog when you are extremely running short of time.

Just change the theme, the overall design and looks of your blog and pen down a post about it. Never mind if your post is as short as this one!

This is just to show that you love blogging, your fellow bloggers and your readers! Sorry folks, will have to go for now. I am having exams from 17th to 29th (13 days, 11 subjects) :(

So do comment on the new design of this blog and also wish me luck! :)

Keep Blogging, Keep Rocking!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Aarrgghhhh! No, I haven't met with an accident or something, neither has my girlfriend (I don't have one actually) double-timed me, nor have I seen a hindi-dubbed South Indian movie on Set Max! This cry of anguish comes from the fact that since the past one month neither have I able to read the blogs of my fellow bloggers, nor have I able to update mine!

Again when I write this post down at 4:30 am, it is just a quickie to vent out my frustrations and to make myself feel good about the fact that I finally updated my blog, be it a crap!

So let me all of you (all -> may be 1 or 2) get a short glimpse of what actually has been happening since the last 30 days. There have been a number of presentations, submissions, mid-terms (with me scoring an abysmal 2 out of 34 in French), class tests, et cetera since the last month but the point to be highlighted is that Organisational Behaviour (OB) accounts for almost 80% of this shit!

OB maam time and again, has never failed to make us believe that she is the Master Puppeteer and we, the useless, stupid puppets dancing on her tunes of exploitation! With just two and a half months of our stay in SIMSR (Somaiya Institute of Management & Research), our 1st semester exams commencing from 17th of this month and with 11 subjects (the names of which I couldn't even recall without some help) to study for, there is still one presentation of OB (for which we need to read 4 articles) that awaits all of us after the so-called Diwali vacations.

So now, since OB has been the root cause of all our agonies, we would like to request Mumbai University to make some course structural changes:

1. If OB is one of the subjects, then reduce the number of subjects to 1 for the entire semester and allot 700 marks to OB.
2. Remove OB as a subject and introduce it as a separate field of management.
3. If the above two suggestions are not feasible, then make OB as a self-study subject and let the students come up with their own Question paper & let them assess their own answer papers. This would make them self-sustaining and also help them to analyze their own performance by being a self-critique.

I guess, I would put an abrupt end to this post here itself because now it's time for my mom to wake up and I don't want her belief (that her son studies at nights) to rupture!

Ah! Before I forget. "A very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year" to all of you! Have a safe one. If you find anyone bursting crackers, quickly pour a bucket of water on their crackers and run away! :)