Sunday, October 10, 2010

MMS B, This is for YOU!

It has been almost 2 months since college has commenced (for those who aren't aware, I am pursuing MBA from KJ Somaiya, Mumbai). Needless to say, this has been the best class I have ever been to, MMS B, yeah people, MMS B! Why do i say so? Read on to find out.

Amazing crowd we have in MMS B. Brainy, cerebral, outgoing, friendly, humorous, rustic, helpful and above all Selfless! Yeah, this is the point to emphasize upon, SELFLESSNESS!

With next week being lined up by a swarm of tests with French being one of them and most of us being not even aware of the books to be referred, it was indeed an unrelenting act of selflessness displayed by Uma & Trupthi to voluntarily come up and devote their invaluable time for us to teach French. Then there are more of them, Sehul, Mornee, Kaushal, Bhavesh, Akash, Munjal to name a few, who are always ready upfront to help out anyone with studies.

Not only studies, our class leaves no stones unturned when it comes to events/competitions such as SHOR & AD MAD. When I say, our class leaves no stones unturned, I am not emphasizing on winning but participating together & cheering for another. Such was the impact of the support from our class, (Ankur, Herat, Stuti, Sehul, Munjal, Gaurav, Vinit, Puneet, Nipun, Akash, Anand, Amit, Bhavesh, Mahima, Prachi,Srishti, Hetal, Niyati, Afiya, Boney, Aniruddha, Hemant, to name a few...and many more, phew!) that the judges had no choice but to declare us winners in both the events.

Always Together!

Celebrating the smallest of moments, sharing the tiniest of sorrows is what makes our class so special! MMS B is a one big united clique, I don't want it to get further divided into smaller self-centric groups. Even when I don't believe in stupid superstitions, I would like to put a 'kaala tikka' on our class.

This post is just a small attempt from my side to keep our class gelled, always!

Together shall we Live, Together shall we ROCK!

PS: OOPS! Forgot to mention Jinay & Neha. Placement ka sawaal hai bhai! :P

PPS: Another OOPS! I would also like to take my time out to sincerely thank all the mothers who send such lovely cuisines and make my day, everyday! Special thanks to Ankit (He brings 10 rotis for me), Sehul (Mithaiwala), Munjal, Jinay again (placement placement!) and others :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Did Shah Jahan really love Mumtaz?

One of my friends had messaged me the following which questioned the authenticity of Shah Jahan's love for Mumtaz.

We know Taj Mahal as a symbol of Love. But the other lesser known facts:
1. Mumtaz was Shajahan's 4th wife out of his 7 wives.
2. Shahjahan killed Mumtaz's husband to marry her.
3. Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery.
4. He then married her sister.
Question arises, where the hell is the Love?

Now, this is how I choose to defend Shah Jahan's eternal love for Mumtaz.

Doubt 1: Mumtaz was Shajahan's 4th wife out of his 7 wives. Where is love?
Clarification: Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal only for Mumtaz, his 4th wife. This is Love!

Doubt 2: Shahjahan killed Mumtaz's husband to marry her. Where is Love?
Clarification: Shah Jahan loved Mumtaz so much that he killed her husband to get her. This is Love!

Doubt 3: Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery. Where is Love?
Clarification: Do you need any more proof of how much he actually loved her? :P

Doubt 4: After Mumtaz's death, Shah Jahan married her sister. Where is Love?
Clarification: Shah Jahan loved Mumtaz to such an extent that he married her sister in whom he saw Mumtaz's reflection. This is Love! :)

PS: I myself have not been able to figure out the actual reason for putting down this post, so don't torment me by asking the reason for the same. You are free to use your intellectual cerebral to find out the moral of this post and fir mujhe bhi bata do yaar. ENJOYYY! :)