Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to celebrate your Independence Day everyday?

So it's Independence Day, yet again (Sorry, it was, I know I am late, but never mind. Read on.). The 64th Independence Day of INDIA! So? What difference does it make to your life? Or should I ask what difference have you made in others' life by your existence?

I guess, none of you give a shit about it! Many of you are not even cognizant of the significance of our Tricolour National Flag! Many of you don't even know about the number of spokes in the Ashoka Chakra & the significance of it! I feel like pushing those spokes right down your fucking throat! And I bet, some of you won't even know that it's our 64th Independence Day! Tell me frankly, how many of you actually know or remember the number & names of our States & Union Territories and their respective capitals? No one or hardly anyone! Even I don't remember all of them. SAD! And the reasons for our apathy are ignorance & indifference toward our nation and our self-centeredness! Get a life people!

Now it's time to break out of the fetters of your egocentricity and really contribute toward building our nation. Here I am not asking you all to go out in full force and bash around every damn corrupt sheep-headed politician! (This doesn't seem to be at all a bad idea though! hehee...). Nor am I asking you to go up to the LOC and fight off those FUCKistani terrorists. (But anyone of you planning to do so, nothing more than that can be a matter of pride, ever!).

So what can you really do for your country of which you yourself can feel to be proud of and add something valuable to your otherwise boring, monotonous, and mundane life? A plenty of things, I would say. Read on to know how can you actually contribute in a big way by your small, sensible, justifiable acts.

1. Don't throw garbage (even if it's an eclair's wrapper to the Lays packet to your BEST & Railway ticket) anywhere except in a trashbin. And if you can't find one nearby, keep it in the back pocket of your jeans or your bag till the time you find one. And if you don't find the previous idea assuming, roll the ticket to make it a small hard stick and use it to clean your ears & then prick your nose with the same!

2. Stop your brown-colored graffiti spit works and find a dustbin for the same. If you are too lazy to find one, gulp your spittle down or else try spitting in your own pockets!

3. Anyone got to pee? Pee it in your pants dumbfucks!

4. To all the young ill-mannered men of our country, atleast have the courtesy to provide your seat whether in a bus or a train to the oldies and the women.
And to the oldies & the women, if you find one staring at you and still not offering a seat, say "Dekh kya raha hai besharam chakke, ladies khadi hai toh seat nahi de sakta?". The young turk would definitely feel ashamed of himself.

5. Your near & dear ones can also become victims of errant alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drivers flouting traffic rules. The message is crystal clear I think. Zebra-crossings are meant neither for zebras nor for your cars; learn to apply your brakes before the black and white stripy thing and let pedestrians cross the road!

6. Stop giving alms to beggars. They have a bank balance more than you. On the contrary, buy pencils, pens, sketch books, flowers, gift articles, our National Flag, et cetera from those who approach you to sell them. Atleast they are working, and not begging!

7. If you like to own a dog, hire Shahrukh Khan. Atleast he won't shit & pee in the gardens. :P

8. Last but not the least, if you find anyone littering, spitting, peeing, shitting and flouting, reprimand them, give them an earful and move ahead! It might enrage them or make them feel ashamed. We don't need to give a shit about their anger, but can always have a feeling of satisfaction at the same time! A Satisfaction of contributing toward developing India, a satisfaction of being a responsible citizen of India and above all, a satisfaction of being an INDIAN!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friends Forever, Friends for Life!

There were 5 of us in the car. Returning from Lonavala, heading back to Mumbai, we were joyous, grunting songs, cracking PJs and watching pics on our moisture-clad digicam. Everything was perfectly setup by Mother Nature - the pearly drizzles, the cool breeze and the cloudy skies that seemed to merge with the never-ending evergreen fauna. The trip which was naturally choreographed to have a beautiful ending; but a phone call changed it all.

The next second I heard my friend saying,"Naniji off ho gayi hain." There was silence, suddenly, all around. No one moved, no one spoke, no one looked at another. The laughs, the grunts, the smiles were all gone in a jiffy, as if they never existed. The rains had subsided too.

All of a sudden, my friend pulled up his car. And then, he broke down. Never ever during the last four years of our companionship have I seen him in tears, such a strong man he is. All of us got out of the car. Everyone consoled him; I wasn't able to. I was feeling bad, really bad. I was looking away from him, toward the skies. My heart was crying. This was confirmed by the drop of tear that had already left the corner of my eyes. I had lost my own granny a few months back, exactly a day before the biggest exam of my career. I could not afford to lose my tears then, but had no reason to stop them that day. I could easily identify myself with my friend's grief as if it were mine.

I wiped my tears, turned around, looked at my friend. He looked at me the same instant. We spoke nothing, He stopped weeping. I think he knew what I wanted to say. Sometimes feelings speak louder than words themselves.

That was the moment when I felt our friendship had found a whole new meaning. That moment, though very brief, tacitly bonded us stronger than ever, like never before; a bond that is as hard as a rock, a bond that glitters as bright as a diamond, a bond that is shared by a fish & the water and a bond that existed even before we were born. It was a Beautiful feeling of our friendship altogether, a jot of sadness blended with an iota of happiness, which confirmed the very fact that we are and certainly are friends, but 'Friends Forever, Friends for Life!'

Together we shall laugh,
Together we shall cry,
Almighty!, My Lord!,
Never does our Friendship die,
Never does our Friendship die.