Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jokes Part 2...Comic Strips...!

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Joke 1: The Sympathizer

Joke 2: Lucky Sardar

Joke 3: Frustrated Bachelor

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jokes at their Best Part 1! Hahahaha...

Joke 1:

At a wedding,
Old Aunt to a Boy (teasingly): Beta, you are next! You are next!
Boy leaves annoyed.

A month later, at another wedding,
Same Old Aunt to the same Boy: Beta, taiyaar ho jao, you are next now!
Again the boy leaves annoyed.

A month later, both met again but this time at a funeral,
Boy to Aunt: Auntyyyyyyyyy, kya? samajh gaye naa? hahahahaha....
Aunt faints!

Joke 2:

A girl goes to a doctor.

Doctor: Tell your husband that you are pregnant.
Girl: But I am unmarried...
Doctor(with a raised eyebrow): Then inform your boyfriend.
Girl: But I don't have any...
Doctor(frustrated): Then tell your mom Jesus is coming again!

Joke 3:

99 years ka ek buddha swarg ki ronak aur Apsarayein dekhkar bola,"Ye saale harami Ramdev Baba ke lafde may na padta toh yahan 25 saal pehle hi aakar enjoy kar raha hota...!"



PS: Comic Strip names, courtesy friend

Friday, June 4, 2010


I thought of writing about 'Maa' and I sat down to scribble for my blog. But truly speaking, my fingers were not just able to tap the keys and transform those thousands of thoughts into digital text that had enveloped my mind.


Let me put it in this way and be frank from the bottom of your heart. If I were to suddenly turn up and ask you to speak for 2 minutes about your Mother, will you able to do so?
Ask a small child the same question and he would right away start with 'My Mother's name is...' and ingenuously end with 'And I love my Mother very much'. Wow!

No doubt about the fact how much we actually love our Mother. But how many times have we actually expressed the same love toward our Mother?
Not many times, for many not even a single time, may be because we have forgotten the definition of Mother.

So let us revise:

A Mother is a person who when 3 chapatis are to be divided amongst 4 persons would stand out and say "Aaj mujhe bhookh nahi hai, waise bhi pait bahut tight ho raha hai."

A Mother is a person who when feels cold puts on sweater to the child.

A Mother is a person who made you an Engineer,a Doctor, an Accountant and helped you learn English despite She being not even a graduate.

A Mother is a person who still holds your hand while crossing the road fearing you still haven't learned to.

A Mother is a person who always find excuses for you and takes on your father's wrath on your behalf.

A Mother is a person who you always automatically call 'Mummy Mummy' or 'Maa Maa' whenever you are in a dire situation.

A Mother is a person who for most of her time toils in the kitchen preparing your favourite dishes and whose handmade food you savour.

A Mother is a person who also fells sick when you do and is still always by your side placing wet cloth on your forehead.

A Mother is a person who always takes your ill words silently and weeps all alone with no one to wipe her tears.

A Mother is a person whose words are as soothing & divine as a flowing bout of serene river.

And if such is a person, She definitely needs, infact deserves your attention, respect, and love!
It's time that we should start doing the same thing that our Mother has been doing since all these years, CARE!

And as far as my being writing Mother with a capital 'M' throughout the article is concerned, haven't you heard "God cannot be present everywhere, so He created Mother!"?