Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CET GDPI Experience at Jamnalal Bajaj 2010

Venue: Jamnalal Bajaj
Date : 18/05/2010
Timings: 9am to 10am
Reached: 8:15am
Documents carried: GDPI Call Letter
CET Score: 158/200
Percentile: 99.79

PI Form Details:

1. Academic Background (SSC, HSC, Graduation percentages)
2. Work Experience Details
3. Family Background
4. Academic Achievements
5. Extra curricular Activities
6. What do you do in your free time?
7. Your Strengths and Weaknesses
8. One biggest Success and one biggest Failure
9. One important decision taken by you in the last 6 months
10. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
11. What motivated you to do this PG?
12. Whom would you save in your family if there is a fire in your house?

People, though they give you ample of time to fill up the form, I would advise you to reach atleast half an hour before because we are supposed to fill up the same form twice.

GD Experience:

You need to sign against your name in a sheet and get your GDPI call letter stamped before you enter the GD room.

Total no. of people present for GD: 9 out of 12
No. of Panel members: 3
GD topics: 1. We don't learn from History, we repeat it.
2. Attitude takes you to Altitude.

We were asked to select the topic amongst ourselves. Majority of us opted for the 1st topic. The discussion was pretty decent. Everyone chipped in with their views atleast thrice. No one tried to cut in the other person and the GD went on smoothly for 10 minutes. Then one of the panel members asked one of us to conclude the GD (he chose the person who spoke the least).

Friends, remember that the panel not only look out for the confidence with which you speak but they also watch your body language (your body structure, your legs & hand movements before and during the GD, the way you sit, your eye contact during the GD).

One piece of advice: Never look towards the panel when the discussion is going on.

PI Experience:

You need to sign against your name in a sheet and get your GDPI call letter stamped again before you enter the PI room.

There were 2 interviewers. One of them was a bit aggressive and the other one was chilled out. Wished them as soon as I entered the room and gave each of them the PI form which we were asked to fill up earlier.

P1: How was the GD?
Me: The GD was a pretty decent one. Everyone chipped in with their views and we ended it having a single conclusion.
P1: Did you impress the panel?
Me: I chipped in 3 times and at one moment I was able to change the direction of the discussion. I hopefully might have impressed the panel.
P1: Tell me quickly about yourself in 2 minutes. I want to know about your character.
Me: (answered)
P1: You said you are 'quite genuine'. That means you are not genuine to a certain extent.
Me: (defended)
P2: Niket, tell me the literal meaning of introvert.
Me: A person who introspects and never let his feelings out.
P2: Ok, now tell me the literal meaning of an extrovert.
Me: A person who is outgoing and always let his feelings out.
P2: So what are you? an introvert or an extrovert?
Me: Sir, I am an ambivert.
P2: But according to your definition of an introvert and an extrovert, an ambivert is a person who let his feelings out and who also does not let his feelings out. So he stands where he was before.
Me: Not really sir. An Ambivert is a person who always acts according to the situation. If the situation demands he should introspect and not let his feelings out, he behaves like an introvert. And if the situation demands that he should let his feelings out, he behaves like an extrovert.
P2: Ok. What do you mean by a professional?
Me: Sir, according to me a professional is a person who is always dedicated and honest to his profession.
P2: So is Sandwichwala a professional?
Me: Definitely sir. A sandwichwala is a professional till the time he does his work with full honesty and dedication.
P2: Ok.
P1: What was the Sensex closing on Monday?
Me: It closed around 16800.
P2: How many companies have been listed in Sensex?
Me: 30.
P2: How do you calculate an index?
Me: Sir, I don't know.
P2: You being an engineer should know the technicals of how an index is calculated.
Me: Sir, right now I am not aware of it but will surely like to find it out in future.
P2: Ok, Thank you Niket.

(Thanked both the panelists and moved out. The interview lasted for not more than 10 minutes.)

Hopefully it was good!

Piece of Advice: Always keep a smiling face in the interview and don't let the interviewer prove you wrong. Be firm with your answers and also have backup reasons for each and every word written and said. Give short and sweet answers. Don't try to be much verbose.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why did India not make it to the semis of T20 World Cup? Dhoni says it all...!

After losing 3 straight matches in the Super 8s, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni in a post match interview with the reporters accepted the fact that IPL post match parties were still afresh in their minds.

"Had there been post match parties in the ICC world cup T20, we would have definitely made it through the finals. But anyways, ICC matches do not really interest us anymore since the inception of IPL in 2008. And with 2 more teams adding up and the number of matches increasing, I think World Cup would merely become a formality," said Dhoni after the 5 wicket loss against SriLanka which threw them out of the tournament.

On being asked about the lack of focus and concentration on part of the Indian players, he said, "We were the most focused team till the time we started our world cup voyage in WestIndies. Man, it's just a conspiracy against us. After having a pleasant time with the cheerleaders in the IPL, we were just shattered on reaching here. Somebody had purposefully deployed those big booty thick, black skinned cheerleaders to divert our attention. My boys were simply not able to withstand the dreadful sight which discouraged them every time they hit a four or a six. Some of them even blatantly refused to field near the boundary line close to the podium."

On being questioned about Yuvraj Singh's fitness and form, Dhoni chipped in,"I think the Revital formula isn't really working for Yuvi. Instead of popping in Revital tablets, he should drink some lassi and regain his power." "And as far as Deepika is concerned, he should just forget her", he said with a sly.

Asked whether he was feeling the pressure of captaincy, Dhoni said,"Handling pressure has just been a matter of practice. Ask those people staying in a chawl who line up every morning. Our team does practise the same on every sunrise." Needless to say Gary has studied our culture very closely.

And once again Dhoni outsmarted every question thrown at him.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't die like a Cockroach...Say No to Suicide!

Pick up a newspaper and you won’t be anymore surprised to find a mention of a suicide case. Infact it would come by as a big shock if you don’t find the word ‘Suicide’ etched in your daily. Man, are these people insane who have lost their will to live or is it the circumstances that create such an environment for them that leave them with no other choice?
Whatever the case may be, I would prefer to call such people Losers, big time LOSERS!
It is because of their such narrow and inferior attitude towards life that the ‘Reasons’ that drive them to annihilate themselves actually emerge out to be the unlikely ‘Winners’.
Tell me one thing, what would you do if some one literally slaps you hard on your face? Would you go back and cry like a loser? The answer would be ofcourse in negation unless you are a Sreesanth!

Following are some successfully proven ways to get rid of your suicidal tendencies:

1. (for students) If you have flunked in your examinations, are dejected & have lost all humor in your life and are planning to go extreme, just wait, suicide isn’t the solution to your problem. Just go and watch out for some bigger problems our country is facing, for instance, something like a Rakhi Sawant or Rahul Mahajan ka swayamwar. (Shit! Sorry folks! On the contrary that might work as a catalyst to your urge to commit suicide).

2. (for girls) If you think your so called boyfriend has used and ditched you for another girl, then you are not the one who should be at the receiving end. As people say you should ‘Move On’, but here I would like to add ‘Move On, not before kicking one right in the crotch!’

3. (for boys) If you think your girl has ditched you, look at it as another opportunity you ‘Lucky Bastard!’

4. If you are financially broke, don’t curse yourself for not having a sound financial knowledge & a good job and don’t go on to kill self along with your kin. First and foremost go for sex education & family planning. Your financial problems will automatically subside.

5. If your health is not upto the mark, you are fat, ugly and lazy, and there is no excitement left in your dull and boring life and you are thinking to end it, then you need to make a switch from Ramdev Baba’s to Shilpa’s or Bipasha’s yoga techniques. That would add spice to your life! And anytime you feel low about your looks and figure, just remember that someone like Mayawati is also still alive. You would start feeling better!

Resorting to suicide is not the answer to your problems folks. You need to stand up against your adversities and fight against them. Our soldiers at the borders fight against a problem called as ‘Terrorism’; they don’t run away from it. Your problems are your enemies and you need to overcome your enemies and not let them win. People generally don’t have sympathy against those who commit suicide; those who do are themselves ‘Losers’. So, don’t be a Loser! Cheer up! Keep yourself highly motivated and busy. Keep your mind occupied with some activity or the other. Life doesn’t get over by a failure. Speak up and share your problems. Learn from your past mistakes and just ‘Move On’!

Remember: FACE, FIGHT and CONQUER!

PS: If your suicidal act is an attempt towards controlling our population, then you have my thumbs up but not before scribbling down one suicide note! :-P