Friday, September 23, 2011

Tourism Ad: Himachal Pradesh

I have participated in a video ad-making competition conducted by SIBM, Bangalore with my friend Prachi Birla. (Team Crackpots)
For the ad we needed to pick up any Indian State and make a video to promote its tourism. We chose Himachal Pradesh and came up with the following video.
Dear fellow bloggers, if you genuinely like the video please go to the following link and LIKE it, since the number of LIKES is one of the criteria for judging the winner: Himachal Pradesh Tourism Ad


We, 'Team Crackpots' had also participated in a video ad-making competition 'Upside Down' organized by IIT Madras which we eventually won. :) You can watch the video in my previous post.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Matrimonial for Pregnant Women - TV Ad

I had participated in a competition with my friend Prachi Birla wherein we were supposed to make a print ad and a TV ad for any one of the following products:
  1. Sticky Shoes
  2. Television without Audio
  3. Matrimonial for pregnant women
We chose the 3rd product - Matrimonial for pregnant women. I would like to share with you the TV ad that we had made for the same.