Saturday, September 11, 2010

Even The GODS Want Us To Unite!

Today is a very special day; a day of celebrations for the Hindus as well as the Muslims. A day which the Gods might have reckoned themselves with mutual consensus to probably send across a very important & strong message. A message which stands tall and above all the religions, a message which transcends all the regional boundaries and a message which strongly binds the beliefs of both, irrespective of their faith & religions.

This message is so very crystal clear, yet the people so easily fail to perceive it. Today is the day to recognize it, accept it, cherish it and spread it. Bopanna and Qureshi, rightly conferred the sobriquet 'The Indo-Pak Express', have shown it to the world what a Hindu & a Muslim can do unitedly. But it's their peace gesture what really appeals me. The duo lost the US Open finals, it was not that they wanted to win the title for the sake of it, they wanted to be victorious to send across a message of peace between India & Pakistan. They have won proudly even in their loss I would say.

(Images superimposed in Picasa)

So pick up your phone, call up your friends, relatives, near & dear ones, wish them, join in with their celebrations, happiness & fun. Wish your milkman, your maid, the newspaper boy, electrician, plumber, sweeper, rickshawala, vegetable/fruit vendor, et cetera a very Happy Ganesh Chathurti and Eid Mubarak. Make their day, make them feel to be a part of this world bridging down the gap of the prevalent economic strata.

This will bring in a sense of brotherhood among everyone and help peace prevail.

Remember, there is no second religion to HUMANITY.