Monday, July 26, 2010

Padhe-Likhe Gavaar!

At this point of time when I, along with thousands others trying to get into one of the reputed management institutes of Mumbai, KJ Somaiya, had a not-so-feel-good experience while going through one of the forums on Pagalguy.

The wannabe future managers who are looking forward to pursue the highest ranked professional degree, who I expected to be rational and reasonable actually turned out to be the ones who are still fettered with the manacles of Favouritism.

KJ Somaiya, since it has a 50% Gujarati quota (Open Category seats constitute just 18 out of 120 even less than what the Deccan Chargers’s cheerleaders donned), most of the Gujjus apply for the same as well as the open category. In one of the posts this Gujju MBA aspirant who clearly did not deserve to be in KJ Somaiya had asked his other higher ranked Gujju compatriots to go for open category seats and avoid the minority quota so that their lower ranked, undeserving Gujju brothers like him would stand a chance. Disappointment doomed upon me more than anger because I had developed this frame in my mind where in I thought that today’s educated generation was more discerning and thoughtful than our sheep-headed politicians.

Reservations have always hurt me to the core, more than the Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamwar stint. JBIMS and Sydhenam, Government’s top B-schools have just 38 out of 120 seats for the open category and an amazing 50% reservation for the SC/ST. This discrimination really doesn’t make sense even to the most insensible of insensibles because the real motive of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar to introduce reservations for the SC/ST is clearly being flouted by the rich SC/ST people. Such fondness & love toward the SC/ST is leading us to believe that ‘Open Category’ seats are reserved while SC/ST seats belong to the open category. Somebody please inform the Education Ministry that imparting quality education (if at all) without quality students is like David Dhawan directing a comedy flick without Govinda. And if you direct Bobby Deol instead of Govinda, you know how it comes crashing down! (Remember Chor Machaye Shor? Huh?)

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Joke, Courtesy one of the messages from my mobile.

It’s time that Mr. Sibal wakes up to some grave loopholes currently existing in our education system before it’s too late.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Comic Strips Part 5 (Santa Singh Special)

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Comic Strip 1:

Comic Strip 2:

Comic Strip 3:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jokes Part 3...Comic Strips..!

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